Tahini & Maple

Tahini & Maple


Open Sesame' and make Tahini


With its Persian origins Tahini (ardeh) was and still is widely used in the Middle East, Mediterranean, India, Asia and Africa in many different sweet and savoury dishes. This luscious golden coloured creamy paste has been a staple of the Greek diet since the end of antiquity when the sesame was used in many dishes as well as for medicine. The Ancient Greek “Father of Medicine” Hippocrates recommended it for its health benefits and high nutrition value.


Today it is widely used in Greek pastries, cakes and halva as well as a breakfast spread with honey on rusks.


These (gluten free vegan) biscuits are an adaptation of the popular tahini and honey for breakfast, using maple syrup, a sweet and sappy condiment first used by the North American Indigenous people for its antioxidants, energy and nutrition.