Biscuit Gift Jars

Biscuit Gift Jars


The myth of Makaria


The origin of these biscuits dates back to Ancient Greece and were known as the “Pie of the Soul”. Makaria was the Goddess of the passage of soul to the island of the ‘Blessed’, bringing peace to humans at the end of life. 


“Be gone to Blessedness”


Traditionally, the biscuits, which were later named Macaronea were offered as comfort in honour of the fallen. Eventually the Makaria biscuits were soaked in honey and became known as ‘melomakarona’ or ‘phoenika’ and became a popular sweet staple eaten during the 12 days of Christmas.


These biscuits are an ode to the original tradition and come in two flavours, cinnamon/spice and wattleseed/hazelnut presented in a beautiful glass Christmas Jar making it the perfect gift.  The traditional flavour of cinnamon with the addition of complimentary spices adds extra and interesting flavours.  The wattleseed and hazelnut has a beautiful nutty chocolate/vanilla flavour with a hint of coffee scent.  Wattleseed (Acacia victoriae) has traditionally been harvested in Australia for thousands of years for its nutritional and medicinal properties.  


These biscuits are extra crispy and crumble with the first bite.  Please enjoy the tradition of these Ancient Greek morsels with your coffee or tea.