Galini's Bees Make Honey - 450g

Galini's Bees Make Honey - 450g


For Bees sake


Galini’s Bees is 100% Natural raw honey harvested by hand from our beehives in the Inner West Sydney NSW.


As natural beekeepers we have a holistic approach focusing on the benefit of the bees and their colony not the honey, checking up on them now and again and harvesting honey only when the hive is bursting with surplus stores.  We only extract in the warm season leaving the bees with enough food for themselves during the winter months. Our preference is to use foundationless frames allowing the bees to build honeycomb as they would out in nature.  


Our bees are free to pollinate wherever they like.  The pollinator friendly garden has a plentiful supply of thyme and other herbs, and the surrounding native trees and river provide a haven for our bees to collect nectar and produce unique, natural flavoured honey.  Colour, taste and texture varies depending on where the bees decide to forage.  Our bees are given plentiful time to process the nectar to honey with low moisture level (below 18%) making it thicker and more flavourful.


The honey is cold extracted to preserve the beneficial pollen, enzymes and nutrients. For this reason, the honey can crystalise which is a natural process.  This is overcome by immersing the honey in a 40-degree water bath.


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