Celebration Quandong Cake

Celebration Quandong Cake


Don’t sit under the Quandong Tree with anyone else but me… and Mr Metaxa


Looking for something different in a Christmas cake this year? Don’t like typical dried fruit or nuts in your Christmas cake? Then this is the one for you.


This Greek inspired flavour packed cake with honey, herbs and spices brings together two ingredients to create a unique taste. METAXA is a 100% specialty Greek amber distilled spirit of muscat wine and secretly guarded Mediterranean ingredients of the Aegean. This master elixir was invented by the Greek silk merchant Spyros Metaxa, the “Salamina Warrior” in 1888. With a taste between brandy and cognac, it has an intricate herbal flavour of sweetness and citrus tones that adds some zest.


The cake is complemented with luscious little tart but tasty Quandongs (Santalum acuminatum) a native Australian superfood used by indigenous Australians for thousands of years in the Central and Southern Australian regions. Also known as the desert peach, this versatile drought proof fruit is packed with Vitamin C and enhances the flavour of the cake with a tangy yet sweet tone.


This seasonal spring/summer hanging fruit is red in colour and round like baubles, likening it to a Christmas tree which is quite fitting for this cake.


This cake is also available in a simple form without the Quandongs.


Large cake serves approximately 12+ serves

Small cake serves approximaetly 8 serves